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Today WordPress is considered by many to be the de facto standard when creating jewelry websites or blogs. It is one of the most advanced content management system that can be used to develop a perfect website of any magnitude, be it a simple blog site or a comprehensive business portal with all the possible business application. AngloPub can help develop and host a WordPress site – your powerful content management system that comes with numerous features to make your site visitors' experience pleasing and appealing. Our creative designers together with our expert WordPress developers will craft a unique responsive design for your keeping your customers need in mind. We aren’t just designers and developers; we are solution architects as well. We will get into the nitty-gritty of your requirements to provide you with the most trendy and reliable solution to change the feel of your website and make it smart. Our WordPress implementation will demonstrate unbeatable interactivities, along with an intuitive combination of responsive navigation for both desktop and mobile devices to give your site visitors a pleasant, hassle-free experience – all this at an affordable price that promises to deliver a quick payback on your investment.


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What we do

Our WordPress services are broadly categorized as WordPress Development, Migration and Theme design. To undertake these tasks, one has to be well-equipped with all the tools and strategies that allow your business website to reap the maximum benefit. All our WordPress services come with highly cost-effective maintenance plan, that lets us manage your website quite self-sufficiently, so that you can focus on what you do best.

WordPress Web Development

Over the past decade, WordPress has become a de facto web operating system with over 35% of the web using WordPress. Bundled with powerful features such as customizable designs, responsive & SEO-friendly layout, high-performance, manage-on-the-go approach, secure architecture, spam resistance characteristics, powerful media management, easy and accessible interface, etc., WordPress stands out as a simple & hassle-free yet comprehensive CMS platform. Whether you are a small business or Fortune 500 company, our WordPress development team can deliver the best result-oriented WordPress solutions that will cater to your specific needs. Our WordPress implementation promises to have a highly secure SEO-friendly architecture.

WordPress Migration

We custom-code a new WordPress site from an existing site, regardless of whether or not any other CMS it's running on. Using AngloPub's migration service will ensure a smooth migration and an end product that is built on solid technical grounding. We take care of the migration challenges that include the need to move a large number of pages and posts while simultaneously implementing a brand new design. You can entrust us to perform this transition that will be seamless for both readers and the editorial teams alike, with a near-zero downtime of your most critical online business system. We generally achieve this by offering quick turnaround times by building highly-scalable import process that handled the transformation of data into a WordPress compatible structure without any data loss.

Theme Development

At AngloPub, we can create unique themes for your WordPress website keeping your site visitors' needs in mind, giving them an outstanding experience. All themes made by us will highly responsive and built using advanced technologies. We will suggest you the best and cost-effective plugins and widgets for your site and integrate unsurpassed interactivities into your theme, thus providing visitors with an intuitive experience for both desktop and mobile devices. All plugins and widgets (custom made or downloaded) will be configurable from back-end admin panel. Our designers continuously hone their skills to adopt the latest WordPress functionalities, features, and initiatives and deliver the best solutions in a cost-effective manner.

How things work

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We are here to take some of the burdens off your shoulder so, you can focus on other important things.

Advantage AngloPub

Throughout our service offerings we provide you with a reliable and actionable advice that you can apply as you work with us. With our custom WordPress implementation, you can easily manage your brand, adjust your content and engage with your audience. We construct personalized WordPress website with strategic graphics that convey your brand identity and a unique design that functions seamlessly on any device. In addition, our digital marketing experts will forge high-end plugins to your WordPress site for optimized site performance, and implement various options to strengthen your site’s marketing objectives. In the process of understanding your scope, target audience and vision, our web developers and project managers will discover your exact needs and seize market research to customize your WordPress website towards to your business goals and success.

One of our core activities is typesetting scientific, technical and medical books and journals for academic publishers. We compose and copy-edit author sources provided in different formats (TeX, word processors, etc.) and deliver XML/MathML, PDF, XHTML and ePub formats.

We help our publishing clients with composing books, magazines and journals of a variety of disciplines. Incorporating your ideas with industry standards, our designers, who are trained to have high standards and a firm understanding of best design practices for each of these categories can give you a one-of-a-kind book design experience that both fits your vision and meets the expectations of the marketplace.

Often clients have financial and related business data stored in databases or in other formats which need extra manipulation that can be very time consuming if not automated and require a greater level of operator skill than routine instrumental methods. Our IT experts work in close-coordination with the designing team to come up with instant automation solutions for almost/all your needs.

We can design product catalogs, directories and advertising that can showcase your company's products to current and potential clients in an attractive and effective manner. We create multiple design styles for you to choose from. Our designers keep eyes for maintaining the right marketing tone, quality image, and brand theme to make your marketing collateral compelling plus easy to understand.

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