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Modern publishing houses already have a lot of overhead and layers of complexity to deal with. Furthermore, the explosive growth and evolution of technology and the internet has undoubtly impacted this ever-changing publishing landscape. With the evolving content demands in various formats, publishers around the world are being pushed to opt for high-speed short-run digital solutions and services to help fulfill expectations from this evolving publishing industry and optimize the management of their supply chain.

Outsourcing the parts and aspects of ones business that can be handled by a different group of well-trained and expert offshore team can save publishers tons of time and lift some of the enormous burdens off their shoulders. This is where AngloPub's publishing services outsourcing model can help you as a publisher, by providing you with the right solution and outstanding support to make your business work and grow better.


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AngloPub's Composition and Typesetting services

Using the best combination of art and technology, AngloPub's Composition and Typesetting services offer to meet all your pre-press outsourcing needs such as book layouts design, cover design, data conversions, XML integration, data binding, digital outputs and accessibility incorporation. With outstanding skills in creating appealing book design and artworks, we facilitate achieving your publishing business objectives in a highly cost-effective manner. We have served typesetting services to different markets and business segments for years as per the industry standard and user demand. We work closely with our graphic designers in Europe to ensure the our design standards meet our offshore clients' expectations. Additionally, our expertise in software development, coupled with a solid knowledge of advanced trends in publishing industry ensure we meet the business needs of our customers.

By combining our technology skills with our years of expertise in publishing domain, we strive to provides a highly reliable and relatively inexpensive model, that global publishers can benefit from.

Though often used interchangeably, the terms composition and typesetting enforces a healthy separation between logical and semantic structuring of a document versus determining the superficial physical appearance of a document. Our composition and typesetting services include a wide variety of both print and digital formats of books, journals, reference works, magazines, directories, catelogs, etc. Our Prepress professionals assess the business requirements of our clients and execute the project end-to-end, right from planning to design to print-ready outputs. We comfortably undertake projects needing any of the document preparation programs (such as InDesign, QuarkXPress, 3B2, FrameMaker, LaTeX, LyX, TeXmacs, DocBook, ConTeXt, etc.), to typeset books, magazines, journals in a variety of formats (HTML, Postscript or PDF, eBooks, etc.).


Why choose us

At AngloPub, apart from offering a highly competitive pricing model with a high quality of service, maintaining our technology edge over our adversaries was always a vital factor for us, which directly benefitted our publishing clients in many ways. The media and publishing industry has witnessed firsthand how technology has been changing the way content is accessed and consumed. This dynamic growth over the years has challenged the industry to continues transforming itself based on evolving needs. AngloPub's biggest advantage is that we were one of the earliest movers in this space, keeping ourselves abreast with the latest technologies in the fields of both information technology and publishing industry and have managed to incorporate these changes within our processes throughout these years. From using latest technologies such as XML, XSLT to manipulating different publishing standards such as NLM JATS, to developing automation software and deploying cloud based publishing solutions, we have it all. Further, our incorporators from Netherlands and India, bring about decades of experience and professional excellence to the team.

Projects we undertake

One of our core activities is typesetting scientific, technical and medical books and journals for academic publishers. We compose and copy-edit author sources provided in different formats (TeX, word processors, etc.) and deliver XML/MathML, PDF, XHTML and ePub formats.

We help our publishing clients with composing books, magazines and journals of a variety of disciplines. Incorporating your ideas with industry standards, our designers, who are trained to have high standards and a firm understanding of best design practices for each of these categories can give you a one-of-a-kind book design experience that both fits your vision and meets the expectations of the marketplace.

Often clients have financial and related business data stored in databases or in other formats which need extra manipulation that can be very time consuming if not automated and require a greater level of operator skill than routine instrumental methods. Our IT experts work in close-coordination with the designing team to come up with instant automation solutions for almost/all your needs.

We can design product catalogs, directories and advertising that can showcase your company's products to current and potential clients in an attractive and effective manner. We create multiple design styles for you to choose from. Our designers keep eyes for maintaining the right marketing tone, quality image, and brand theme to make your marketing collateral compelling plus easy to understand.

Industries we serve

Publishing industry continues to serve a variety of markets all around the world. AngloPub, as a composition and typesetting outsourcing company, is comfortable working with clients from different industries on the local, state, federal and international level. Few of these industries that can benefit from our publishing services are:

Law Firms

We can help design a strategy to guide your firm’s publishing efforts and integrate them seamlessly into your legal processes and workflows, while you focus on your core work.

STM Publishing

We can be a priceless asset to an industry that focuses heavily on reliable, efficient and well managed service provider with the right security and compliance controls in place.

Digital Media

Knowledge assets in digital form can be made widely accessible in a manner that greatly increases their use and utility. We can undertake all the forms digital media publishing.


Providing value-added services to publishers across the banking, insurance and finance sectors that rely on accuracy, quick turn-arounds and above all, privacy and data protection.


Taking advantage of our in-depth Ecommerce knowledge and development expertise, coupled with extensive publishing background, AngloPub can be a great value to Ecommerce businesses.


Educational publishers in the world today deliver resources in a variety of forms: textbooks and open educational resources, structured and flexible, digital, print and blended, public and commercial.


Manufacturing industry depends on publishing great content that attracts consumers and influences their purchase decisions. We can help create attractive catalogues, brochures, operational manuals, etc.


If there's one industry that benefits most from publishing services, it's healthcare industry. AngloPub provides all kind of support in publishing medical journals and books in print and online.

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