Layout Design & Typesetting

The more varied the book is in terms of its content (illustrations, tables, columns, sections, styles, etc.), the more challenging the work of the typesetter gets. Our experienced design team will take care of this for you and produce a print format in accordance with the expectations of your readers.

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'Mobile-first' Web Design

Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage in the recent years. The 'mobile first' principle has gained an important role in website design as the mobile responsiveness is not enough for keeping mobile users' needs. We can be the missing piece that can complete your web design goals.

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Vector Art Services

When it comes to vector art services for images, logos, graphic design, illustrations, custom fonts, etc., the need for an expert team of graphic designers arises, who can guarantee a full-service perspective to every publication project you are handling and who can exceed your expectations in quality and talent.

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Better Engagement, More Clicks!

Do you want to start-up your very own website to grow your business? If you are then we are here to save your day!
Get a responsive website designed by us that hooks your users instantly.

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Website Design and Development Services

The next generation of the book industry

The future of ebook publishing is single-source. The real opportunity for publishers will be to develop e-books that offer a much better, more informed and enriching experience at a better price.

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Production Workflows for Publishers

Simultaneous delivery of print, digital, and online content is clearly one of the most critical requirements for remaining competitive in today's publishing milieu. At AngloPub, we have implemented best practices of XML-based production workflows to improve output quality, save time, and decrease cost for our publishing clients.

XML Production Workflow

A sample XML based production workflow implementing a proprietary XML standard.